Library Chat: September 2022

Episode 9 September 29, 2022 00:27:35
Library Chat:  September 2022
Library Chat
Library Chat: September 2022

Show Notes

September's Library Chat Podcast, is a special "Live" episode from the 2022 Iowa Department for the Blind (IDB) Virtual Book Festival.  Join us as we discuss the virtual book festival, books, reading and podcasts.


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Library Chat: November 2021

In November's Library Chat Podcast, we begin a new format where we invite a different library staff member to join us as a special guest.  They will choose the topic to be discussed during Library Chat and we will talk to them about what they do on the library team, as well as books and podcasts around their chosen topic.  For November's Library Chat, Tim West, the library's Digital Recording Specialist/Studio Manager joins us to talk about the topic of music.  Tim shares with us about his work producing digital audio books for the library collection, working with our volunteer narrators and his love of music. For more information about the library and our podcasts go the library's blog. ...


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February’s Library Chat focuses on braille. Library staff discusses the programs the library offers for our braille readers and those who would like to know more about braille.  They also discuss the library’s own podcast Braille Bits by Youth Services Librarian, Denise Bean. ...